What’s Silicon Valley’s secret sauce?

After a few years basking in the orange glow of Y Combinator — founding one ultimately doomed startup, joining two VC firms, and becoming Chief of Staff at a Series C rocketship — I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the San Francisco Bay Area so great for entrepreneurs. But I’m still a Midwesterner at heart.

If you’re living anywhere in the world but Northern California, you probably wonder why folks will agree to pay $4,000/month for a one-bedroom apartment consistently engulfed in wildfire smoke. You probably know that it has something to do with startups and investors, hype cycles and train wrecks, independent thinking and hero worship — but not too much more than that.

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About your correspondent

I’m Christian Keil, pronounced “Kyle.” I grew up in Minnesota, went to Michigan, and moved back to Minneapolis to work as a management consultant — before I was bit by the startup bug and moved to the Bay Area in 2017.

I’m currently the Chief of Staff at Astranis, an Andreessen Horowitz-funded, Series C startup making next-generation internet satellites to get the world online. I also advise Empowerly, a startup that helps everyone, not just trust-fund babies, get into the colleges of their dreams.

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Christian Keil

Chief of Staff at Astranis: we build internet satellites that connect the world.